Paige Blair - Ppersonal Coach & Relationship Coach | Results Coaching | Atlanta, NYC, DC
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Success Beyond Your Profession.

The most successful people can find themselves at the peak of their profession, only to discover it does not provide the fulfillment they assumed it would. Some choose to temporarily indulge in the superficial decadence success provides, assuming love, enlightenment, and eventually fulfillment would present themselves in due time. While the professional life remains a success, the personal life becomes a stark contrast to their phenomenal achievements, caught in cycles of problematic relationships, misuse of food, substances or abandonment of self care. I meet most of my clients when they have had enough; when they decide they refuse to continue operating at such a high level while being completely depleted of what they truly wanted in their lives. Together we will explore and eradicate why you are accepting sub-standards for your personal life; standards you would never tolerate in your professional life. We will use what makes you uniquely phenomenal in your outward world to create an internal life that is equally phenomenal and uniquely yours. We will gain insight and clarity into what is truly behind the disconnect, to give you teachable, influential power over all aspects of your life.


I get powerful results by fully immersing myself in your life where you will have all access to me 24/7. No program is ever the same. I work differently and uniquely with everyone simply because everyone I work with is uniquely different. I do not follow any template or subscribe to any set of specific coaching styles. You are my coaching style. My style is not for sensitive or touchy personalities. I use hard truth, strong language and refuse to accept moderation or average. I will arrive strong and sturdy, ready to make the most difficult changes required to master the happiest your life as ever been.

Your professional success should not be your only success.

I work best with driven top-performers or anyone who may have a difficult time finding a coach who can challenge thier intensity, understand the unique challenges of their lifestyle, and inspire their emotional complexities. The return on your investment will solely rely on how committed you are to yourself and to the process.


You do not have to be in crisis or have a specific goal in mind to experience significant change. From developing a higher performance standard to next step explorations, I work with anyone looking for an edge in the way their everyday life is experienced.

Success in Relationships.

Suffering through a relationship is not acceptable. Neither is wasting time dating the wrong people. Let me provide deeply supportive, effective navigation to end even the most complicated relationships. Transition into a fun, successful dating life to attract love that is right for you and discover your own unique ability to engage in deep, soulful, sexual self-expression. If you know you have chosen the perfect life partner, and it has become so far off track you no longer have a clear vision of the deep love that brought you together, I will help reveal the parts of you that will transform that relationship into everything you both have always wanted.


Whether it’s finding your last first kiss, enjoying life after a painful divorce, or meaningful exploration to restore the love you’ve already found, let me provide you with a personal playbook to navigate the ultimate outcome.

Make the next step

Welcome to a life fully engaged.

Happiness and success beyond my wildest dreams came when I discovered that I, alone, was the only person I could truly hold to my high standards. I then discovered that the power to manifest my own happiness was my own, despite the powerlessness I felt over the difficult people and relationships that surrounded me. The moment I made that discovery, I realized that I had the power to change everything.


With me, you will gain a true partner in fearless self progression. My coaching style elicits a deep self-exploration designed to ignite the drive that only comes from within you. This is the part of you that refuses to settle for the idea that some things are simply beyond your control. The dynamic abilities to master professional success often do not translate well into successful relationships, stellar physical health or finding and maintaining real love. It takes a different approach when you internalize what has made you so successful.

Making internal success a priority.

Together we can redirect those talents to dominate every aspect of your personal life. We will activate the best parts of your already beautiful mind and translate those strengths to a limitless path of progression.

Make the next step

You’re not an everyday person. I’m not an everyday personal coach.

I am obsessive when it comes to perfecting techniques and strategies for how to develop the life that feels the way you want it to feel. I hold certifications in both strategic intervention coaching and advanced relationship coaching from Robbins-Madanes Training, a program developed and designed by Tony Robbins and his business partners who are the best of the best in the world of psychological strategies for empowerment and performance coaching.


My approach is intense. I am non-stop, full-on and hands-on. I am not for everyone. Regardless of where you find yourself, there is no time to waste to make major change. I come to you directly for an immediate, all-hands-on-deck approach. I waste no time, spare no expense. Even if you are in a personal situation that is extraordinarily complicated, time-sensitive with highly difficult, complex obstacles you have come to accept as impossible to change, there is a clear, healthy, limitless path for you to do whatever it takes to either transform it, or move away from it, all without damage to immediate or future opportunities.

Life can feel the way you want it to feel.

I won’t just guide you, I will stand and walk with you, side-by-side, every step of the way until your own powerful self takes hold of you and you begin to run.

Make the next step


Schedule a confidential consultation now to discuss a program structure designed specifically for you. Do not hesitate to email me direct at I am happy to answer any questions.